Monday, April 28, 2014


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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Opening Day... and more

Very quick update. Was at Fenway for Opening Day. It was predictably awesome. Other than the rings, banner etc, a few unexpected surprises: Was interviewed for WBZ radio in Boston, and got my picture taken with Boston iconic Police Officer Steven Horgan:

Took hundreds of pictures, you can see some of the best ones on Flickr here.

Today is the first Red Sox Nation watch party of the year. Come join us at Schank's South on MacLeod Trail. All baseball fans welcome, we should be easy to spot.  Starts at 11 AM, details here.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 MLB Predictions

I'll never learn. Every year I subject myself to the punishment of putting predictions in writing that inevitably look awful in retrospect. Although not as bad as certain professional sports writers who against all odds manage to predict their own division exactly backwards. I can't give this picture enough love:
Screenshot courtesy of SOSHer BannedByNYYFans

At least you gotta give CHB credit for making predictions knowing how much ridicule he is exposing himself to.

Anyhow, I'm going to try something a bit different this year. Instead of specific records or division standings, I will aim to make one radical projection for each team and division. I don't expect to get too many of them right, but at least this maybe entertaining.

Let's start with our favourite division:

AL East:
"Best division in baseball" won't have any wildcard teams, although every team that doesn't have a maple leaf on their logo will have a reasonable shot at winning the division.

Boston - I don't want to be called superstitious, but I predicted 86 wins last year and the season ended with duckboats. So, I'll keep this simple and predict 86 again. (And hope I'm wrong again!).  I have more Red Sox predictions here.
Tampa Bay - Their pitching staff will disappoint, keeping them from going over the 90 win mark - could even drop all the way to 4th place.
Toronto - After a disappointing 2013 with such high expectations, they will disappoint even more in 2014. Canadian GM Alex Anthopolous is smart enough to see that and Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion will have a new place to call home by the time the dog days of summer roll around. I bet they wish they still had Henderson Alvarez.
New York - Injuries and age will finally catch up with them and they'll struggle to reach .500 (I feel like I've made this prediction for about the past 10 seasons. EVENTUALLY it will have to be right, no?). Some controversy over whether to keep starting Jeter when he's hurting the team by being on the field, will be alleviated by it not mattering once they drop out of the race.

AL Central:
There will be a pennant race into late September. Tigers will not be assured of a playoff spot.

Chicago - White Sox will not be the worst team in Chicago this season. Not a bold prediction? The Cubs won more games than them last year.
Cleveland - Jason Kipnis will firmly entrench himself in the "Who's the best 2nd baseman in the league" argument, but that won't be enough for the Indians to go from making the playoffs to not winning more than 81 games. It's called "regression to mean".  Sorry, Tito.
Detroit - Will struggle to win 90. Biggest disappointment outside of Georgia.
Kansas City - PLAYOFFS! Maybe even a division title.
Minnesota  - The Yankees will be wishing they still had Phil Hughes, and the the Twins will battle Cleveland for 3rd place and maybe even break the .500 mark.

AL West
Injuries to key Rangers and A's players will keep this division from being as strong as it was the last few seasons. But the rest of the division will still be looking up at these two.

Houston - Won't be the worst team in the league the 2nd half. 70 wins within reach.
Los Angeles - 4th place.
Oakland - Hard to believe this they are back-to-back reigning division champions. Won't 3-peat, but may get the 2nd wildcard spot.
Seattle - Improve to close to .500 but not in any playoff contention. For a change, they have the bats but not the arms.  Until a July trade to acquire David Price from Tampa.
Texas - Prince Fielder is going to love the Texas Heat. In spite of all the injuries they've suffered before the season even started, they will win the division for only the 3rd time this century. (Note: the other two times they made it to the Fall Classic).

NL East
Washington will run away with this division with very little competition.

Atlanta - Sorry peach state, no playoffs for you.
Miami - Will battle Atlanta for a meaningless 2nd place in this division. Jose Fernandez will end up ahead of Clayton Kershaw in Cy Young balloting.
New York - This team could win 90 games! Said Sandy Alderson, not me. They do have a really good future. But the future won't arrive in 2014 as they will finish in last place.
Philadelphia - They will make a smart trade at some point in the season. When Ruben Amaro Jr. is your GM this is as bold a prediction as it gets.
Washington - Only 100 win team in majors.  21 year old (yeah, really) Bryce Harper is named MVP, Strasburg could take the Cy.

NL Central
Cincinnati and Milwaukee will remind St. Louis that there are still some competitive teams in this division. But Pittsburgh won't be one of them.

Chicago - Jeff Samardzija will be very good. "This is the year!" would be a really bold thing for me to say. I won't. Last place. Again. Not really going out on a limb here.
Cincinnati - With Dusty Baker gone, they will win more playoff games this year than they have in total since winning the World Series in 1990 (Five in 23 years, if you're wondering). Billy Hamilton may have a sub .300 OBP but his speed will allow him to be a key offensive contributor in spite of that.
Milwaukee - Along with Miami, among most improved teams in baseball. Will contend for a wildcard spot.
Pittsburgh - Will miss playoffs.  See Indians, Cleveland.
St. Louis - By the end of the season, neither Adam Wainwright nor Michael Wacha will be this team's ace.

NL West
Three team race with the Dodgers needing to hold off Arizona and San Francisco to repeat. Colorado will open some eyes early before eventually fading.

Arizona - Will be in pennant race through late September. A good offense was improved with the addition of Mark Trumbo, and bullpen was bolstered by removing Heath Bell.
Colorado - Canadian Justin Morneau will like the thin Denver air. 30 home runs within reach. This team will be competitive, but not enough to contend in this division.
Los Angeles - Remember all the drama with the Yankees in the late 70s played out in the press? There will be lots of entertainment for non-Dodger fans this year. Someone will be run out of town.
San Diego - Last place, Bud Black will be unemployed.
San Francisco - A good old Giants/Dodgers rivalry will be rekindled. Giants will contend for a playoff spot, may even overtake LA if they stumble.