About Me

I am a Red Sox fan currently living in Calgary, Alberta.  As a child, I fell in love with baseball when I first saw it, and Jim Rice was my favourite (note the Canadian spelling, eh?) player.  After he retired I spent 15 years lobbying for his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.   I set up a website and wrote BBWAA voting members who made their ballots public and omitted him, until he got to Cooperstown.  
Jim Rice and the author of this blog.  This was taken on the day #14 was retired at Fenway Park.
Based on the smile on his face, meeting me was obviously the highlight of his day(!)
I have traveled all around the continent to watch the Red Sox play.  I've seen them in Toronto (old and new stadiums), Detroit (ditto), Cleveland, Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Fort Myers and other Florida spring training sites, and of course, Fenway.   I have re-arranged vacations to make sure I timed it with Sox schedules.  This included going to a wedding and staying for an extra week to catch a 4 game Series in Toronto,  and planning a Disneyland vacation to be timed with a couple of exhibition games in Phoenix - just a short(?) drive away.

I had cats named Fenway and Red Sock, and when they moved on we got Tessie and Wally (the grey monster).

This is my actual licence plate on my vehicle:

Some people call me crazy.
Others think I'm obsessed.

I think I'm just an ordinary member of The Nation.

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