Friday, August 17, 2012

Random updates

Haven't posted anything in a while.  There's a simple reason for that.... Not a lot has happened lately of interest specifically to Canadian Red Sox fans.  I could write generic articles about the Red Sox - what they did and didn't do at the trade deadline, how Bobby Valentine could be lynched,  how entertaining Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo are when games are out of reach, MLB power rankings.... no shortage of ideas on topics.   But there are a million (and one) Red Sox blogs that already cover these things, and I don't want to simply add to the noise.  I want to as much as possible focus on items of particular interest to Canadians, as well as participate in Baseball Blogger's Alliance wide topics.

I'm also not a fan of two line posts.  I save those for twitter.  However, since there is a shortage of news to report on, below are a couple of tidbits that might be of interest:

Calgary native and former Red Sox first round draft pick, Chris Reitsma, has agreed to a position with the Pro Baseball Force (PBF) Redbirds coaching staff as the organizational pitching coach.  PBF is one of the top baseball academies in the Province, and I'm sure they are excited about this addition.